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Ever since its establishment in the year of 2000,Beijing Huahui Technology Co., Ltd integrates exploration, installation, sales with technical service consultation of petroleum auto-system, which established remarkable market reputation both at home & abroad for its perfect quality and well-known brand. Our core products range covers: petroleum exploitation security control system, oil two-way separate measure system and subaerial control system; Huahui Enterprise has accumulated good experiences in design, manufacture and sale. Apart from the above, we provide good service range from installation, debugging, inspection to maintenance on the spot.
  In order to quicken up our pace, we invested heavily to build a garden manufactory in Shuangliu, Chengdu, which occupies more than 5400 square kilometers. The manufacture center is about 3000 square kilometers, which is located at garden manufactory zone. Our base quarters exploration room, manufacture workshop, inspection center and training center.
  Relying on the technological advantage of the Southwest China Electro-industry Base, our company collected lots of genius, and tried our best to fully bring their potential out. We combined advanced technology from aboard with situation at home, and find our own way to fix up the advanced equipment within China.
  At present, we have already obtain the mature technology in this domain, including electronic self-control system, project managements, engineering actualization, platform self-control system integration, local fixing and adjustment, and betimes consummate localization service. Customers from all over the world are warmly welcome to contact us for business developments for our products and we are much convinced that you will benefit more as our cooperation grows.
Technology Guarantee:
  We have many experienced petroleum engineer. They have abundant accumulation of professional skills, and master the information of most advanced technology and products of the world, and have abundant experience in land and offshore platform service.
  We can provide you with international one-up petroleum automatic products and professional solution and techno-service. We can also cooperate with you to design product system.

Technology Advantage:

High quality and efficiency project management and practical experience. 
Advanced international level automation product and professional solution.
Service support for the optimization of the using of the product.
Betimes and quickly localization response. 
Expeditiousness rectify to the system malfunction. 
Emergent service.
  We provide high quality service in order to minimize the downtime at whole hog, ensure the safety and high efficiency operation of the system, and we also provide emergent service support.

Contact information:
A212, Chenghong Hotel, No. 17 Anhui Dongli, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.[0]
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